Successful You! By Lusanda Dhlamini

Updated: Jan 28

There are many women in this world that we can name when success stories are mentioned. I am not talking only about the women that have acquired senior positions in the business world or women who started multinational corporations.

I am also talking about ordinary women who have done extra ordinary things!

Guess what? You are that woman! Yes you! That ordinary woman who is doing extra ordinary!

Success to me is the courage and boldness to be authentically you while pursing your life purpose! Yes – that simple! Everyone can be a successful!

We all have different definitions of this scary word SUCCESS. And I believe it is ok! We leave in a democratic country so we can have different views, perspective and opinions on the definition and measurement of success.

For some it’s acquiring expensive cars, houses and clothes.

For some it’s hanging around a certain group of individuals.

For some it is pursuing a life that is impactful and influential by living your own authentic life.

A life that is invested not only in you as a individual but a life that will seek to invest in others too.

So do YOU


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