What Season Are You In? By Lusanda Dhlamini

In life, we plan according to the seasons we believe we are in. According to the natural/physical seasons of life - we are all in the same season, at the same time.

In South Africa, we are currently in SUMMER season, so our personal and/or business plans will be according to that.

We probably have a lot of face-to-face time with colleagues and friends. We will dress in a way that accommodates or corresponds with our summer season. The SUMMER season is known for sunshine, warmth and brightness. It gives the illusion that everything should go according to plan. What could go wrong?

Did you notice that I said, illusion? Not all of us are living in “SUMMER SEASONS” in terms of our goals, plans, vision and dreams. We are all in different stages and seasons.

Some of us are still hard-in-the-trenches of finishing up projects that started a few years back.

Some, are still feeling weary and tired, unsure if it’s worth setting new goals in place.

Some, have our minds thinking - what SUMMER SEASON? It feels more like a WINTER SEASON on my end - gloomy, grey and cold .

Others, are excited because some new things are starting to bloom and are being birthed in their hearts and minds. So for them it feels like a SPRING SEASON.

I’m sure you can catch what I’m trying to say here.

I am not so sure which season I am leaning towards. I have my hands in a couple of seasons. In some areas of my life it feels like SUMMER indeed. In other areas, I can see the BIRTHING (SPRING) happening, navigating the last trimester. And in further areas, I am just owning my hard WINTER SEASON. And then, there are some areas that are dry and in need of tender loving care, watering, weeding and a whole lot more PATIENCE – the AUTUMN SEASON.

Whatever season you are in, don’t lose focus. The key is to PRIORITISE.

What needs your PRIORITY focus right now? And then prioritise that which needs you to be hands on, on that particular day or week or month. Do it with the right attitude and at the right time.

Zoom in and open your physical eyes and heart eyes and see the value of your current season. There is never a wasted lesson in every season.

Take deep breaths, breathing in and out and trust for the lesson to be clear.

Pen it down, so that you can reflect on it at end of your season.

Ask for help if need be, ideally from someone who has gone before - it can be a coach, mentor or a trusted friend - who knows the season that you are in.

Pride never grows anyone instead, it kills.

Celebrate your small and big wins. And be full of GRATITUDE in all seasons. This is our biggest life weapon.

Take care of yourself and your soul,

Your Coach



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