Woman of Destiny By Lusanda Dhlamini

Updated: Jan 28

For many years I have asked myself this question silently in my heart especially in my 20’s. I could not come up with answer on my own, so much so that I did not have the heart to pursue my destiny. I navigated life as it came to me. You can safely say that I was reactive and not intentional.

When I hit my 30’s, after many mistakes, I knew something has to change. I was now a mother of two gorgeous daughters and I unapologetically wanted them to see me as their role model or at least consider me! (I don’t know if I am – too scared to ask) However, I needed to know my destiny for myself too.

Why am I still alive? Is there something unique about me? What was I created for?

These are some of the questions that were burning in my heart. I felt stuck yet my whole being was full of these humongous dreams that I knew I have to realise in my life.

I decided to pursue my dreams and/or purpose in life. I needed to find someone to walk with me through this unfamiliar territory. I did – it took just one workshop, a facilitator, and value-adding content to kick start a journey I am still navigating even today.

You see the puzzle only gets complete when you don’t have breath any more. As long as you still have breath in your lungs, you have a purpose in this life and a destiny to walk into.

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